I was first drawn to Alexander because of his enthusiasm about my documentary, and also quite honestly, because of his “look” and persona...I wanted someone who was a little edgy.  Alex and I quickly came to a working arrangement, where I would send his scenes with temp tracks and notes, and just every time, he get really close on the first try.  If the first shot wasn’t perfect, he responded to my notes and suggestions, and was very open to input, which really helped us attain the score I was looking for.  Due to time constraints, I had to use some stock music, because it’s a feature-length film, and I personally can tell the difference; there’s nothing like a custom track that draws the emotion out of a scene, with subtleties and nuances.  I’m looking forward to working with Alex on a short documentary, next Spring.  It can be challenging to translate what you have in your head to another creative person, but Alex was able to translate my vision into a perfect sound track.  Jeffrey Scott Gould, Quiet Please...  Action Media Productions.


producer, director, cinematographer, editor at Action Media Productions 

In composing the score for my first short film, Alexander was inventive, accommodating, and responsive.

Our challenges were many. As the film traversed imaginative landscapes between Russia, Turkey, and the United States, it was not immediately clear in what cultural neighborhood the score should be written. Should it represent the inner rhythms of the American protagonist in a literal way? How playful is too playful? One protagonist was a Turkish man with Slavic sympathies; should we riff on a Russian composer if we are going the more traditional route?

While I had a specific vision of the emotional impact of the film and its visuals, I am a director who loves music with scant formal musical background in it. I had difficulty conveying what I wanted to hear in technical terms. Fortunately for me, Alexander is a patient, dedicated composer, and when he starts something, he finishes it.

Thanks also to his creativity, we were able to come up with a score that hinted at the silliness, weirdness, and dangers of the film's space--using Gregorian chants I would have never thought to add to underscore the protagonist's mis-revelation. The final product was a film--which on every level was a minefield of potential unintended misunderstandings due to its complex milieu--that was intelligible at a core emotional level. This led to its screening at film festivals as far away from its production site as Austin, Texas (USA).  The coherence of Alexander's score played a key role. 


director, BAZAAR PROTOCOL (2016), short film

Alex is a talented composer and musician and dedicated to his craft. He worked for me for a few months composing original music, and it was quite a challenging assignment as I wanted to create music in a genre that does't really exist to portray another reality, and Alex did a great job combining various influences to come up with something unique. He was hard working and communicative and I'd be happy to recommend him to future employers.


producer, director, writer & actor at Disco Stoat Productions

I have worked with Alexander on my short film, and I would work with him again! I am a filmmaker (writer, director,  and producer) and an actor and have worked in Hollywood behind the scenes for the past 11 years. Relating to my own experience as a sound mixer in the past, I found working with Alexander was effortless. He has a keen ear for what's needed. I told him what I was looking for and he would give me exactly that, and more. He is dependable, extremely talented and eager to do the best job he can. Anyone lucky enough to work with him is in great hands!


director, DESIRE (2015), short film

Once again, I want to extend my thanks. You wrote a beautiful score for my short film. If anyone is in need of a composer, please give Alexander a chance! Well worth it!!!


producer, editor, director and screenwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

I am a New Hampshire based filmmaker who is now working in Los Angeles. I’ve met a lot of different people in this line of work and one person who left a real mark is Alexander.  We communicated via skype mostly, I’ve never even met him face to face, but his work speaks for itself.  We went back and forth often as he scored our thesis film, he was always prompt and professional, available and easy to give notes to. The connection I look for when filmmaking is drawing out the best from myself and whomever I’ve got the pleasure of working with. Alexander met and exceeded my expectations.  I was really happy that he reached out to me to write him a reference letter, as I haven’t forgotten the experience and its been a little over 3 years since we worked together. He’s a real talent and I can’t recommend him highly enough.


filmmaker, GiantGiant