Classically trained musician 
- Master degree in film sound design 
- Applying the best virtual instruments and synthesizers available on the market 
- Diverse music experience: playing in different music bands (ethno, classic, rock, jazz, folk, pop) 

- Professional experience in writing music for films, commercials, video games, and other new 
- Arrangement, mixing, mastering, editing, composing, recording, engineering and producing sound 
and music 
- Eclectic and able to be switch between different sounds and styles. 
- Instruments: violin, piano, guitar, percussion, drums, recorder 

- Ability to record professional musicians and vocalists with academic education and experience 
- Providing a full cycle of a soundtrack production and also engaging highly professional mastering 
engineers and sound designers



Once again, I want to extend my thanks. You wrote a beautiful score for my short film. 
If anyone is in need of a composer, please give Alexander a chance! Well worth it!!!
I also have more projects in development so i will keep in touch!!
Nelson Oliveras 
Producer, editor, director, and screenwriter from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Thanks buddy! I've listened to some of your stuff, possibly some of the best, most tense pieces I've heard! You're a talented guy 
Mikey Major
Actor, director, and screenwriter from Plymouth, United Kingdom

Wow, Alexander! 
The tone is totally dead on. I'm so excited to hear the rest of the track! GREAT WORK! 
Alex Bradley
animator, USA

I just visited your website and I was really impressed with your music. You've got some amazing samples. 
Frances Vieras Blanc
Transmedia producer, screenwriter, script consultant, and story analyst from Paris, France

I visited your site and listened to the music. Wow! You are really, really good 
Thesina Daniel
Accountant, author, costume designer, and location scout from Arlington, Texas

Hi Alexander, glad and honored to be friend with you. I heard your music on your site and it's very talented
and atmospheric. I like especially "Everlast (rock)" and "Dolphins" (it reminds me sometimes the style of 
groups like Slowdive or Chapterhouse. 
Friendly, Emmanuel 
Emmanuel Duchez 
Actor, director, editor, and screenwriter from Paris, France

I am currently seeking a composer for the show, and a song for the opening sequence. I listened to your 
work and I love it, i think it's amazing. 
Jordan Perry