Film & Game music composer, sound designer, music Producer


- Classically trained musician 

- Master degree in film sound design

- Over 14 years of professional experience in film music, commercials, video games, and other new media. 

- over 20 years of professional music experience : playing in different music bands (ethno, classic, rock, jazz, folk, pop) 

- Instruments: violin, piano, guitar, percussion, drums, recorder

- Providing a full cycle of a music production ( composing, arrangement, editing, mixing, mastering, engineering, recording) and highly professional sound design.

- Eclectic and able to be switch between different sounds and styles. 

- Applying the best virtual instruments and synthesizers available on the market.

- Ability to record professional musicians and vocalists with academic education and experience.


Alex Shesha is a rather in-demand musician and composer.

Directors enjoy working with him because of his special flair for dramatic concept of the film. When creating music, he tries to complement an overall picture with it, although does not let it disappear. He gives music a special role, without which the picture would not have taken place in full. Alex Shesha always tries to bring fresh ideas to the soundtrack, if it fits the style of the film and the director is ready to accept it.

Such subtle flair is, probably, caused by Alex's musical career: he used to play the violin as a child, and his musical path began with this instrument. As a violinist, Alex Shesha participated in various musical collectives: a classical trio (piano and two violins), folk ensemble, rock band. So far Alex

considers world music band “Atmasfera” the most significant musical project in which he took part. With this band, Alex recorded three albums, travelled with concerts across Europe, played on stages of large-scale festivals in Western and Eastern Europe. This experience gave him the opportunity to

develop musically in many new directions, meet talented musicians of different styles with whom he still continues close cooperation..

In 2010, Alex Shesha got his Master's degree in film and television sound design in the National University of Theatre, Film and TV in Kyiv. This gave him the opportunity to develop himself as a film composer. In a course of time, writing music for films superseded concerts, and work as a film composer became his main occupation. Thanks to the sound design training, he improved his understanding of the sound in filmsand his professional approach to the sound in whole. Soon

Alex Shesha mastered the art of sound design and understanding of the principles of dramatic concept of the music in the movies. Thanks to the skills of playing various instruments (violin, piano, guitar, percussion, oblong flute, drums) and his good musical taste, Alex can write music in many styles, ranging from classical orchestral music, rock, avant-garde music and sound design, and pop to indie, folk, and electronic. Love to combining different styles allows him to create tracks with new, unique sounding. If necessary, Alex is able to recreate the authentic music arrangements (such as in folk or classical music).

The yearning for continuous development as a composer and sound engineer is constantly seen in Alex’s works. His music is always different; it always sounds in a new way, but certainly is of high quality and memorable. According to Alex, sound production has taught him to appreciate the quality and role of sound in music. Sound has become an important part of his music and he tries to pay a lot of attention to this.

The specifics of Alex Shesha’s work is also in engaging various musicians in creation of the soundtracks. Despite the tremendous quality of modern sample libraries and virtual instruments, in most cases a live performer with years of experience still excels his „computer colleagues”, says Alex.


I am a filmmaker and an actor and have worked in Hollywood behind the scenes for the past 11 years. Relating to my own experience as a sound mixer in the past, I found working with Alexander was effortless. He has a keen ear for what’s needed. I told him what I was looking for and he would give me exactly that, and more. He is dependable, extremely talented and eager to do the best job he can. Anyone lucky enough to work with him is in great hands!
— Sherina Mikasa (writer, director, producer, actor)
I am a director who loves music with scant formal musical background in it. I had difficulty conveying what I wanted to hear in technical terms. Fortunately for me, Alexander is a patient, dedicated composer, and when he starts something, he finishes it. Thanks also to his creativity, we were able to come up with a score that hinted at the silliness, weirdness, and dangers of the film’s space.
— Sydney Ribot (director)
I wanted to create music in a genre that does’t really exist to portray another reality, and Alex did a great job combining various influences to come up with something unique. He was hardworking and communicative and I’d be happy to recommend him to future employers.
— Alec Jordan (producer, director, writer & actor)